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    To walk in the best conditions, it is advisable to purchase a pair of spira shoes for plantar fasciitis that are comfortable and that are specifically designed for running! That way you avoid: blisters, sprains and other injuries. CARE FOR THE RIGHT SIZE When you walk, your foot slides a few millimeters, sometimes even an inch.

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    This activity, which has been in our country since the 90s, was created in the US by a cyclist named “Johnny G” who, because at some times of the year he could not train due to bad weather, made a static bicycle with the inertia that imitated the sensations on the road. Since then its.

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    Well, if you decide to do those exercises outdoors, or those that you propose, we recommend that you take some precautions so that the training is effective, and above all, nice to perform although logically it involves an effort. The high temperatures of this time of year force us to take into account several factors.

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    To be in the middle of a valley surrounded by trees, to contemplate the landscape from the top of a hill or simply to listen to the sound of the river are tastes that we should all give ourselves from time to time. Maybe you do not remember the last time you went hiking, but.

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    We use any excuse, any trick, in order to refuse to feed us healthily. We discovered miracle diets, we took supplements, we omitted dinner … But in the end the consequences are eternally the same: if we do not approach the question radically in the right way, we will end up repeatedly committing the same.

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    As is logical, we have no doubt about its harmful impact on our health. However, although there is widespread awareness among the public of its perverse effects, tobacco is still considered by a significant number of people as a brake to gain a few kilos of more. They believe that it compensates them to continue.

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    To return to practice any activity that you like it is important that you know how you are and what you want to achieve, so we advise you to speak with a technician at your sports centre, who will evaluate you in order to offer you an adequate plan for your physical condition and your.

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    Even so, the issue is that it is very likely that we are not aware of how beneficial it is for our body. If we take it in moderation it can protect us from cardiovascular complications, it can help us fight osteoporosis and it can even reduce cataracts, among many other advantages. In addition, it.

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    The growing interest in the disciplines that combine body and mind drag and loyalty many of us because they lead us to the practice of an intelligent and efficient exercise, whose benefits are multiple, the results are appreciated in the short term and the quality of life improves. This method was created in the middle.

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    First of all, we are going to mention that the studies about this topic are not conclusive and that our intention is to give some simple tips that contribute to your physical well-being. When starting the training we recommend always a good warm-up. Whether you are going to swim, run, ride a bicycle or any.

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    If you want to lower your Body Mass Index (BMI) and gain muscle mass you should start by taking it as something very personal. That is, the first thing you have to do is to know how you are and where you want to go. For this, it is essential that you submit to tests.

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