• A BEER?

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    Even so, the issue is that it is very likely that we are not aware of how beneficial it is for our body. If we take it in moderation it can protect us from cardiovascular complications, it can help us fight osteoporosis and it can even reduce cataracts, among many other advantages. In addition, it has even aesthetic effects.

    As you well know, hops are an essential component for brewing beer. It serves to give it its bitter taste and that special aroma. It makes the foam more consistent and also helps to preserve its freshness. But, in addition to all this, hops contain polyphenols, which are antioxidants that destroy the “bad” cholesterol while increasing the “good”, fight cancer by inhibiting and preventing the appearance of tumour cells and eliminate viruses by protecting our immune system.

    What’s more, if we consume 33cl per day we will reduce the presence of fibrinogen, which is a coagulation factor, and maintain or improve albumin levels, since beer contains proteins that give us the power to protect various organs of our body, like the kidney, besides helping us to train better and with more energy.

    And the yeast?

    Brewer’s yeast is a source of vitamin B, proteins, minerals… n fact, it is one of the foods with the most nutritional components. It only contains proteins and no sugars. It is good for our digestive system, for our nervous system, for blood sugar levels, etc.

    Drinking beer is also beneficial for the health of our bones. This is because it contains silicon, a mineral that improves its density and prevents the loss of bone mass, preventing osteoporosis and relieving the effects of menopause. Silicon is also responsible for protecting us from neurodegenerative diseases, as well as improving memory and concentration.

    And the calories? Beer without or with little alcohol usually sacrifices the flavour in exchange for lowering calories. However, you can find some that are relatively low in alcohol and maintain, at the same time, taste, foam, etc. Most toast usually has these characteristics. In addition, they have twice as many antioxidants as blondes.

    Alternative beers

    And what about the alternative beers, now so fashionable? Regardless of its innovative flavours, which depend on our taste, there are a few that contain ingredients that we might consider beneficial, such as certain fruits full of antioxidants good to fight cancer and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s or various heart diseases.

    In short, and to top it off, all this must be added that beer has anti-inflammatory properties, improves our stomach health, prevents constipation, is diuretic, prevents anaemia…

    It is even beneficial without drinking it. If we want to improve our skin, nothing better than to immerse ourselves in a black beer spa or put on a facial mask to obtain a more flexible, young and smooth dermis thanks to its vitamins. If we want our hair to be smooth and shiny, what better way to use beer to get perfect hair thanks to its proteins.

    And finally, try relaxing your feet in a container of a cold beer after a long day of work. It only has one drawback: you can not drink it anymore.

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