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    We use any excuse, any trick, in order to refuse to feed us healthily. We discovered miracle diets, we took supplements, we omitted dinner … But in the end the consequences are eternally the same: if we do not approach the question radically in the right way, we will end up repeatedly committing the same mistakes and we will continue adding kilos.

    Today we have once again detected the predisposition to believe that not having dinner helps lose weight when the truth is that it is absolutely the reverse. Therefore, we should not do it in any case, even if we think that dinner makes us fat because afterwards, we will not burn it.

    The truth is that dinner is essential to bring a balanced diet. Naturally, we should consume vegetables, salads, fish and fruits, instead of red meats or very caloric foods. Similarly, it is important to sit at the table at least two hours before going to sleep because it will allow us, if we want to lose weight, have time to do some moderate exercise, such as walking half an hour, for example. Actually, that is infinitely preferable to lying on an empty stomach.

    Carbohydrates at night

    Regarding the most convenient foods at night, it is advisable to include them in light dinners based on light nutrients. In addition to vegetables, salads, fish and fruits, fibre and carbohydrates are also recommended for their low calories and ability to satisfy. The fibre acts while we sleep, allowing good digestion and, besides, along with carbohydrates, it provides us with physical and mental energy, overcomes fatigue and is also ideal to sleep peacefully.

    When we talk about carbohydrates, we refer to foods that contain these nutrients, especially legumes, unprocessed cereals, tubers and fruits. Carbohydrates also include sweets, pastries and cereal products, such as pasta.

    Therefore, it is not a matter of avoiding carbohydrates at night, as is commonly believed, but of consuming the right ones. That is, avoid the less healthy ones: sweets, refined flours, sugary drinks, ultra-processed products. But not only at night, but also during the day. And consume other sources of healthy carbohydrates, which are also good for weight control and satiate us: mainly fruits and vegetables, but also legumes.

    We have no excuse to stop having dinner. We only have to feed ourselves with the right nutrients and the precise amounts to keep our weight or lose those extra kilos. And, of course, accompany him with physical exercise during the day (our Inagua centres are a great option) and a walk at night.

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