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    As is logical, we have no doubt about its harmful impact on our health. However, although there is widespread awareness among the public of its perverse effects, tobacco is still considered by a significant number of people as a brake to gain a few kilos of more. They believe that it compensates them to continue to take a risk before “risking” gaining weight. They add another excuse to not quit smoking, even if they practice exercise and practice sports regularly.

    It is true that when leaving tobacco our body can notice some physical alteration that causes an increase in weight. But those extra kilos can be lost if we help each other with complimentary healthy practices. There are studies that indicate that we can fatten, on average, between 4 and 5 kilos during the first year. That is to say, they are not as many as we could suppose and if we put in the balance the advantages of quitting smoking accompanied by the practice of exercise, it is really worth it because we will remove those extra kilos in a very short time.

    Habitually smokers, exercise or not, fear that the withdrawal syndrome and anxiety will lead them to eat more in general and, in particular, more fatty and caloric foods because the lack of nicotine causes our body to need glucose to replace it. that also encourages us to consume foods rich in sugar. This, being true, should not worry us because our metabolism will be normalized as soon as we follow proper nutritional and sports habits.

    Tobacco and physical exercise

    If we are regular exercise practitioners we have it even easier. We should not be afraid to take a few extra kilos, but think that it will significantly improve our cardiovascular health, the appearance of our skin, our physical condition in general.

    And this is where we must put in knowledge the damages that tobacco causes us when we do sport or we practice exercise. For example, it alters our anaerobic threshold downward. This means that our capacity to endure the effort while we run is reduced, both in time and intensity, which forces us to move at fewer pulsations and, therefore, burn less fat.

    Smoking also limits our level of pulmonary ventilation. Our lungs need more time to absorb oxygen and it is more difficult for us to do long series or supersets in the weight room, causing our muscles to grow much more slowly.

    So if you are a smoker and you want your training to be more effective, you already have a good excuse to quit smoking.

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