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Dirt Showdown Review: An Arcade Racing Game from 2012

DIRT: Showdown is a racing game with no rules at all. You choose how you reach the finish; anything goes if you make it. Download DIRT: Showdown for Windows, or get it for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3!

Graphics (5/5)

Given that the game was released in 2012, it looks quite good even in 2019. It features various cars that you can unlock for money; not so realistic as in other games, they are still looking great, a bit artificial, but it only enhances the beauty. The treks are now looking a bit funny – for example, the snow under the wheels looks budget after what we have seen by 2020. Still, on PS3 you will hardly find a good competition.

Gameplay (4/5)

Well, it’s quite a basic racing game if you look from the outside. You drive on various tracks, lap by lap, and get your rewards for your success. If you finish on the first place, you’ll get the most. The in-game money you earn can be spent on upgrading your cars or buying new ones.

It’s all very usual to describe, but it changes when you start driving. Different races happen in different locations. Everything changes: seasons and time of the day, temperature and the weather, roads and rivals, and so on. The detail work is quite serious for an arcade: a car can get damaged, the parts that fall apart remain on the road and can affect the next car, the weather impacts the driving manner, and so on.

Still, it’s rather an arcade racing game than a simulator. It supports multiplayer that may keep you online for hours. Multiplayer modes are various enough to focus on tricks, competition, or just destroying each other.

Controls (4/5)

Though the game is okay with both gamepads and keyboard-and-mouse sets, the biggest issue is lack of proper wheel support. There are some sideways to get the wheel working, but we’d like to have it easier. Of course, it’s hard to expect updates so many years after, but you better be warned that connecting the wheel controller will be problematic.

Replay Value (4/5)

The greatest issue with DIRT: Showdown is not that the game is bad. It features many races on various tracks, and finishing them all unlocks the next difficulty level. Even the basic levels deliver, though, and the higher the difficulty is, the better it feels. But problem is that the game wasn’t released for Gen8, while Gen8 has more spectacular and driving racing games. Probably you won’t stick to your PS3 or Xbox360 just because of DIRT: Showdown.

The Bottom Line

If you’re still on the Gen7 consoles and you like racing games, DIRT: Showdown is a perfect option. It shows all the graphical capacities of the hardware, and it delivers an involving, dynamic gameplay. Lack of updates shows, but if you are conservative a bit, it only does the game good.


No matter how many years have passed, DIRT: Showdown remains a classical title. It still makes sense for PC players to download DIRT: Showdown and have some nostalgic pleasure.

  • Graphics 5
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 4
  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game
  • You just can't miss this game! You just can't miss this game!
  • One of the best action games ever!

    One of the best action games ever!

DiRT® Showdown™ FAQ

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