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Pumped BMX +

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Pumped BMX + Review: A Classical Bike Trial at Its Best

Pumped BMX + is a 2.5D bike trial, with complicated tracks and required tricks. There are different tracks, lots of stunts to do, hundreds of achievements to unlock, and even your skill isn’t constant as you grow. Download Pumped BMX + for PlayStation 4.

pumped bmx screenshot

Graphics (4/5)

Though the genre allows for 2.5D maximum (in fact, it’s rather 2D), the game suddenly has more dimensions. The backgrounds are even more detailed than it’s required. The movements of the character and the bike are simplified, but still convincing. And even emotions after you win or fail are made very artistically, so you feel joy when you win or disappointment of the failure almost physically. The funky electronic soundtrack contributes to the impression. And it all takes less than 1GB.

Gameplay (4/5)

So, you control the bike on a 2D trek, and your primary mission is to reach the finish, while the secondary is scoring the maximum by making stunts as you go. That’s what bike trial is about. The tricks, though, are not always easy to do, as some of them require flat road, some are made with a trampoline, others are possible in the air on a high jump, and so on.

Mostly in these games you control the mass distribution of your bike, shifting it between the wheels. In Pumped BMX + you have some more freedom. Sometimes you may lack the air to perform a stunt; well, you can always select something else or somewhere else to do.

The multiplayer element is simple. There is a global leaderboard where you can find yourself and compare your achievements to your friends’. That’s it. Alas, there is no local multiplayer and no online one either.

Controls (4/5)

The game was released for various platforms, including PC, PS4, Xbox 360, and Nintendo Wii U. Though it supports keyboard controls, it’s far better with a gamepad. While the left stick controls your speed, the right one is responsible for stunts, with buttons also involved. The simplicity is inherited from the game’s mobile period; not becoming sophisticated, though, just suits it.

Replay Value (5/5)

There is always space for improvements in games like this. No matter how fast you have reached the finish: you could have done faster. No matter how many points you’ve scored with stunts: you can do better. But even exploring all the levels and unlocking all the achievements will take you rather long. The game looks simple next to more advanced simulators, but the simplest games are the most addictive.

The Bottom Line

This genre seems obsolete now, like a guest from pre-iPhone mobile gaming world (where this particular game comes from). Of course, Xbox One or PlayStation 4 have thousands of more spectacular games. Still, Pumped BMX + is one of those simple games that require almost nothing but pure reflex. So you can relax with it after a complicated quest or RPG, and that mission is just for Pumped BMX +.


It’s a simple but spectacular and emotional game that can be played casually. Download Pumped BMX + to your console or PC if you love BMX or just want a simple reflex-based game.

  • Graphics 4
  • Gameplay 4
  • Controls 4
  • Replay Value 5
  • Very interesting singleplayer mode.

    Very interesting singleplayer mode.

  • Everyone enjoy playing this game Everyone enjoy playing this game

Pumped BMX + FAQ

There's not a lot of questions about Pumped BMX +. Ask insistently in the comments so you can make it frequent! Yup,take me to comments
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