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    To be in the middle of a valley surrounded by trees, to contemplate the landscape from the top of a hill or simply to listen to the sound of the river are tastes that we should all give ourselves from time to time.

    Maybe you do not remember the last time you went hiking, but you probably said phrases like “this has to be done more often”, “how is it that less than 1 hour from home I never come” or “how good it feels” get away from the chaos of the city. ” Then the day to day did not allow you to plan and you left it in oblivion.

    Today we want to remind you of the reasons why you should return, or continue doing it if you already do it, although, in this case, surely you do not need it. Hiking is an activity that puts us in shape, improving our cardiovascular capacity and fighting a sedentary lifestyle. Walking through different terrains, either with greater or lesser height, will make the legs tone up and be stronger, allowing to overcome new challenges in each exit.

    These physical qualities will improve our self-esteem, feeling mentally better prepared to face different challenges and also facilitating socialization with other people who share a route, either from the same group or from others. It is usual to greet with the walkers that we cross our path, even if we do not know them, thus demonstrating camaraderie and solidarity among all. Being sure of yourself and enjoying the activity will make these actions natural and allow you to share pleasant experiences with other walkers. As well as the possibility of putting together routes and trails that will enrich your outings to the mountain.

    All this, added to the fact of doing it in the middle of nature, breathing pure air and away from the city, make this activity a great option when it comes to planning the weekend. In addition, we will surely learn something new about the flora and fauna of the place we visit.

    What do you need

    Now, before leaving the mountain it is very important to take into account the footwear and clothes to be used. In the first case make sure that they are boots or mountain shoes, that is, that they have a sole prepared for rocky areas, with a material that grips well, thus improving the grip and safety in the tread. And here’s a tip: they should not be the most expensive or the coolest in the store. They have to be the ones that work best for you, so you should try them a few days before getting going, then the route is long. And if they lend them to you, do it the same. Try them too and do not wait until Saturday to put them on. Your feet will thank you and avoid unnecessary blisters and pains.

    As for clothing, it must be functional for the activity. The ideal is that everything is specific to trekking since it will offer you breathability and comfort, taking into account that the weather can change and you should be prepared both to wrap up and to take off layers in order to avoid excessive sweating. In this sense, we recommend some good socks, a comfortable and resistant pant, a technical shirt that allows expelling the sweat, a fleece and a jacket or windbreaker. Very important is also the protection of the skin and the head. That’s why it’s always advisable to have a handmade hat and sunscreen.

    The last aspects to take into account to leave route are the provisioning and communication. Both are very important since you never know if the route is going to stretch more than the account. You should always bring water and something to eat, in order to recover energy in the necessary moments and to continue enjoying the exit. And as for communication, do not forget to recharge your phone and make sure your battery lasts all the way. In case of any unforeseen, it is key to be able to notify in time.

    And to finish, and hoping to have transmitted you desire to go to the mountain, we tell you that Inagua has Clubs Outdoor in its centres, where hiking excursions are organized monthly or quarterly, of which you can enjoy with friends, family and training partners. What better to take advantage of the effort you make in your cycle class, Zumba, body pump or gap, to feel strong and eat the mountain.

    Check the calendar of your centre and cheer upon the next outing.

    We will wait for you.

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