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    This activity, which has been in our country since the 90s, was created in the US by a cyclist named “Johnny G” who, because at some times of the year he could not train due to bad weather, made a static bicycle with the inertia that imitated the sensations on the road.

    Since then its popularity has grown incredibly, gaining followers in each facility where the activity is taught and completely changing the idea that some had of it before trying it, to discover the many benefits that this training presents. That is why in the Inagua there is an average of between 4 and 5 daily classes with a variety of schedules and instructors, all of them motivated to improve your physical condition and help you achieve your goals.

    What are the advantages of the indoor cycle?

    These are some of the main benefits of practising indoor cycling :

    • Improvement of cardiovascular capacity.
    • Improvement of muscular strength and endurance of the lower train.
    • Weight loss and improvement of body composition.
    • Increase in basal metabolism, especially in the hours after sports practice.
    • Sense of well-being, helping to reduce anxiety and eliminate stress.

    In addition to these, it is important to mention the energy that transmits this class through music, which will help you to give the most of you in the moments of more intensity and calm you down in those quieter ones generating positive sensations of joy, effort and overcoming. Undoubtedly, the musical component will lead you to live fantastic moments in which your body will not want to stop.

    What equipment do I need?

    As for the recommended clothing, we advise you the following:

    • Slippers with cleats for automatic pedals.
    • T-shirt or Lycra jersey adjusted to release the sweat.
    • Mesh or shorts, as it offers greater comfort thanks to the pad in the seating area.

    To these tips, we add always carry a bottle of water or an isotonic drink that allows you to stay hydrated and a towel with which to dry the sweat.

    One more accessory that we could add to this section is a heart rate monitor that tells you in which work areas you are in each moment of the class.

    New training methods: watts

    Currently, the indoor cycle is in a phase of change in terms of a how-to guide and measure the training carried out. It was usual for the instructor to indicate during the class the different zones of the percentage of heart rate recommended for each moment. Supported in a graph, the monitor guides the participants by zones of different intensity throughout the session in order to carry out a type of training. In this way, the student can see on his heart rate monitor if he complies with these indications or also guided by the feeling of effort generated by each moment.

    With the evolution of the activity and technological advances, many bicycles nowadays come with potentiometers included that indicate to the participant the power in watts generated in each moment, with which instead of being guided by the heart rate it does it by the power.

    To know your percentages, you must first make an FTP (acronym of your denomination in English) or UPF, Threshold of Functional Power. One of the ways to obtain it is with a 20-minute test. Based on this data, the teacher will guide you through areas of greater effort, in which you will move more load, and other less, also using the pedalling cadence to increase or decrease intensity.

    In these times we can also count on visual supports, like screens with landscapes that help us in our “path”, with components such as the time elapsed or the time that we have left of work, graphs of the efforts with colours and motivating phrases.

    If by your lifestyle you have little time to train, it is perfect. It will only take you one hour, full exercise for that day, in an intense activity full of fun and disconnection.

    In short, it is something that unites the physical and psychological improvement of the people who practice it. Something that will make you feel better and that, do not doubt, you will be hooked in such a way that the moment you start practising it you will not be able to leave it.

    So I encourage you to observe the schedule of your Inagua centre well and sign up for an indoor class, you will not regret it.

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