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    The growing interest in the disciplines that combine body and mind drag and loyalty many of us because they lead us to the practice of an intelligent and efficient exercise, whose benefits are multiple, the results are appreciated in the short term and the quality of life improves.

    This method was created in the middle of the last century by Joseph H. Pilates and today has become a sports discipline full of faithful practitioners. And with this system, you will not only improve your physical condition and your posture. It will also increase your capacity for control and concentration.

    The Pilates consists of a battery on the mat exercises aimed at toning your body evenly, without forgetting a muscle or joint. The work of concentration is done through breathing, the music of each session and the architect of the “permanent activation of the powerhouse”, essential throughout the class.

    Pilates baptized his method as “Chronology”. Based on the observation of the movement of four-legged babies and animals, the exercises are practised under the strict control of the will. Body and mind must be actively engaged to exercise efficiently and from the centre.

    As established by the Xtensal Training in Wellness Pilates school, “the three essential principles for the execution of the method are the integral improvement of health, diaphragmatic breathing and uniform and global muscular development. And they derive from concentration, control, centre, precision, fluency and breathing. ”

    During a Pilates Mat session (on the floor and on the mat) the body is organized to move from the centre. “Longneck”, “shoulders away from the ears”, “neutral pelvis”, will be some of the phrases that you will listen to get a correct alignment of the body, which with total consciousness must move from the “powerhouse”.

    What is “powerhouse”?

    Its literal translation is the “mansion or house of power” and was the proposal of the creator of the method to refer to the central area of ​​the body, located around the navel. This is abdominal and back muscles, with special attention to the transverse abdominal, gluteal, thigh adductor and pelvic floor. In this zone, the centre of gravity of the whole body is located and is closely related to its stability. The activation of the “powerhouse” is essential to avoid injuries and improve health, especially of our back, not only when practising the method, but also when doing any other sport and even in everyday activities.

    The conscious activation of the “centre” stabilizes the trunk and avoids unnecessary movements, many of them harmful, of the spine. Constancy in practice will help you to improve your posture, which will be more stable, and the movements of your body, in addition to being conscious, will be more free and balanced.

    In all our Inagua you can practice Pilates , and in some of them, as in Huétor Vega , there is the Premium modality, an ideal option for all those people with special interest in this discipline or with different pathologies, especially back, since they are small groups in which the monitor or monitor can meet the needs of each student in a personalized and adapted to their objectives.

    If you have not yet tried this method, we invite you to do so because in a very short time you will begin to experience all its benefits. Among them, greater coordination and strength, fluid and efficient mobility, correct posture, awareness of oneself and our body, feeling of well-being and improvement in the quality of life. Do you need more arguments? In that case, we paraphrase the creator of the method, Josep H. Pilates, reproducing his own words: “In 10 sessions you will notice the difference, in 20 you will see the difference and in 30 your body will have changed completely”.

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