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    Well, if you decide to do those exercises outdoors, or those that you propose, we recommend that you take some precautions so that the training is effective, and above all, nice to perform although logically it involves an effort.

    The high temperatures of this time of year force us to take into account several factors if we do not want to have a bad time. Aspects such as hydration, time or even clothing can be essential for the training done to give us an injection of energy and good humour to start the day, or simply take them away for what is left of it.

    Hydration is a fundamental aspect

    The loss of liquids by sweating increases with high temperatures, so in summer it is essential that we maintain adequate hydration.

    One mistake is to believe that by sweating more we are burning more calories, so both before, during, and after exercising we must drink water to make sure that the liquids and minerals eliminated are recovered, and thus avoid putting our health at risk. Headaches, fatigue or dry mouth are some symptoms that you may not have ingested enough fluid before starting or during training.

    Also, the cramps may be due to the lack of some minerals that your body needs. So remember to moisturize well and pay attention to the signals that the body sends.

    Adequate clothing: comfortable and breathable

    The recommendation here is simple, use comfortable, breathable clothing that does not accumulate moisture but allows it to evaporate. If it is also tight better because it will prevent chafing.

    In this section, we include a cap that can cover the head, since it is an area that can overheat. Try it also breathable, and even if you wet it a bit will help regulate body temperature.

    Sun protection when playing sports

    We already know the negative effects that the ultraviolet rays of the sun can have on the skin, so the use of sunscreen is essential whenever we go to practise sports outdoors.Do not forget to use a high factor and try to have it on hand, since you may need to put more than once because with sweat you most likely lose it before.

    If you can, look for a shady place that allows you to be protected from the sun. And if you are going to run or bike, keep in mind the entire route you will make so that the areas where the sun hits directly on you will not surprise you in full training without the necessary protection.

    Schedule, avoid the hottest hours

    The best hours to train are the first hours of the morning, where there is a bit of fresh air, or the last of the afternoon when the sun goes down and the temperatures are more pleasant.

    For all this, it is important to plan your outdoor workouts so you can enjoy them and make the most of them. Remember that holidays are for rest, the body also needs it, and while we recommend that you continue with some exercise routine or practising sports, it is not time to increase intensity and do crazy things, on the contrary, moderate the pace and forget about times and brands, you’ll have plenty of time to think about that.

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