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    To return to practice any activity that you like it is important that you know how you are and what you want to achieve, so we advise you to speak with a technician at your sports centre, who will evaluate you in order to offer you an adequate plan for your physical condition and your goals. In addition, we recommend a visit to the nutritionist, who knows your body composition (includes% body fat, muscle mass, visceral adiposity, body fluids), you can indicate a diet according to your goals.

    Once you start with your training plan, it is important that you monitor your progress periodically to make the necessary adjustments, both in the exercise routine or activities and in the caloric contribution made. Keep in mind that, if you have not played sports for a while, you should go little by little, since your body needs to adapt again to the effort it will be subjected to at both muscular and joint levels. Therefore, adequate rest is essential to achieve the objectives, as well as training and diet. It’s not about doing in a week what you have not done in two months. Try not to overload your body by alternating different activities, both in the fitness room or in collective classes as well as in the pool. It’s never too late to learn to swim or perfect your technique.

    Being in good shape today means that we consider inseparable our physical condition and our mental condition, which is why we recommend including in your training plan activities that improve body awareness and postural correction. As well as include stretching and massages, or self-massage, which propitiate an adequate recovery and prevention of possible discomfort. The idea is to leave the gym with your batteries on, mentally and physically, feeling strong, resistant and vital. And, above all, with joy and positive energy.

    Eat varied, drink water and enjoy

    You may hear and read that there are miraculous products that devour fats. Keep in mind that what does not fail over time is to feed in a varied way. Never propose to eat less than 800 calories a day because it will produce weakness. Avoid long-term diets and get used to taking protein half an hour after exercising. A ham montadito is a great option.

    It is essential not to dehydrate you. You must drink before you are thirsty so that your nervous system does not collapse and fatigue does not take over. On exercise days, indicate as a purpose to take 3 litres of water to restore the fluid loss.


    Instead of assuming as a punishment that you are on a regimen, it is better that you think that your goal is going to provide happiness and satisfaction only by modifying certain customs. If you find the right compensation between the calories you eat and the calories you destroy, you will not need more radical methods to achieve your goal. In this sense, your satisfaction is essential after each session. That indicates that you have exercised properly and that you are improving day by day.

    In short, to get back in shape after the holidays, keep a balanced diet; avoids saturated fats, salt and added sugars; Avoid sedentary lifestyle by exercising regularly and maintain proper hydration.

    Consume fresh foods, fruits and vegetables in season. Avoid pre-cooked products, sauces or ice cream. Do sport, walk, climb stairs. Drink water, infusions and homemade preparations to replace commercial soft drinks. They will always be healthier and even more refreshing and less caloric.

    And all this, of course, while enjoying each of the steps you take to achieve your goal.

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